Summer Sessions

Do you find it difficult to speak confidently in front of others? Do you feel ignored among your friends? Well, lack of confidence in self and in effective communication skills might be the problem. The ability to speak confidently defines our successes. Orator Academy's summer sessions are organized to give our youth the ability to speak confidently and become better communicators. Our summer sessions are loaded with speaking tips, quick motivational guides, and interactive games. Everything is designed to give the students a relaxed and un-intimidating learning environment. Coach Vicky shares her personal, real life experiences, crisis and  resolutions while giving her students empowering tool and techniques for effective and winning communication.

Sessions Will Include

Engaging Content

Body Language

Eye Contact

Voice Modulation

Engaging Content


OATs – Orator Academy Talks

After learning all these skills, you will get a chance to showcase them at OATs. Just like any other formal speaking event, you will prepare yourself and your script, and mesmerize your audience with your "performance". OATs is a great opportunity for students to test their learned skills and to know how much they’ve progressed.


Session 1- June 24-28, 6-8 pm

Session 2- July 8-12, 6-8 pm

Session 3- July 22-26, 6-8 pm

Session 4- August 12-16, 6-8 pm

Session 5- August 19-23, 6-8 pm

Sunday session- July 14, 21, 28, August 4, 11, 4-6 pm

Need More Information?

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