Private Sessions - Online

Do you need to prepare for a really important presentation? Do you have a job interview coming up soon?

Whatever it may be, we are here to help you through our online private sessions. You can register for one on one online session with our Coach Vicky and she'll guide you and prepare you for your upcoming presentation or interview.

The online private sessions work well for professionals who need help with their "elevator pitch", or an important office presentation; college or school students preparing for a competition, presentation, an election or an interview; home makers gearing up to re-enter the workforce; brides, grooms or families working on the wedding speeches, and many similar situations 🙂

Session Will Include


Body Language

Audience Management




We use the Zoom platform for our online one to one video sessions. Once you register with Orator Academy, you will receive information about the Zoom platform and how you can access it without any difficulty. There will be no extra charges to access the platform.