Vineeta Khanna

Vineeta Khanna is one of the most well known and successful public speaking coaches In New York and New Jersey. As the founder of Orator Academy, she has helped hundreds of young students and working professionals to become confident speakers. Vineeta also hosts a popular South Asian live radio show which has been on air for over 15 years. Because of her excellent speaking skills, she has been invited on NPR WHYY and NPR WNYC both as a co-host and guest. All these experiences have made Vineeta an expert on Public Speaking and Communication.

Coach Vicky has worked with hundreds of students of all ages, be it elementary school to college students, interns, job seekers, Wall Street professionals, home makers, IT professionals, teachers and more.

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What Users Say About Us

I am so glad that I found you to help Annmaria. It was after such a long search that I accidentally came across your website.I am pleased with her gradual progress and love the way that you work with her. I am pretty sure that lots of parents must have felt the same way.

Speaking in a group or in front of a crowd was a distant dream, until I met coach Vineeta. At Orator Academy I learned to speak from my heart rather than making a failing attempt to impress the audience. Vineeta’s key guidelines on how to connect with people while speaking and emphasis on right pronunciation helped boost my confidence. I would highly recommend her, if you want to get over your fear of public speaking.

Speaking in front of an audience doesn’t come naturally to many people. It’s like a muscle that you have to work on to see the results. My son has a lot of ideas and is very energetic. Vineeta was able to funnel all that energy through the right channels. She is a wonderful teacher and her public speaking class turned my son into a polished confident speaker. She is very dedicated and to quote my son “makes any topic interesting”. He learned how to engage an audience, how to project his voice, how to keep the content interesting, how to think on his feet and respond to questions, how to pay attention to his body language etc. He acquired all these in a few weeks of taking her classes. Your kids can’t go wrong with Vineeta! Sit back, relax and enjoy the transformation!

Vineeta did a fabulous job getting my kids comfortable in a new environment and getting them to open up. Both my children were excited about their teacher and their class. They got some key takeaways from their workshop – things they can use easily and apply in any setting of public speaking. I could see this was a very useful workshop for them, and I look forward to enrolling them in future follow up sessions.

Vineeta got my kids speaking and feel good about themselves. She is a great teacher with a great presence and is able to get her students to try their best in a supportive environment.

My son took a session with Vineeta a couple years back. A little shy of public speaking, my son felt very comfortable in her sessions, opened up with the group, and enjoyed being part of it. I wish I could do more sessions! Vineeta instills confidence, assertive attitude and passion in the kids in a friendly setting. She teaches her students the right attitude and public speaking skills they require to go out and face the world. I highly recommend her not only for kids but adults as well.

Needed to prepare for a presentation and Vineeta helped me casually but professionally with her natural art of guiding. Her instructions and corrections helped me focus and gain confidence. She even added valuable content to what I had prepared. I salute her multi-talent and have confidence in whatever Vineeta takes on. Totally recommend Vicky if you even need a slightest boost to speak in public.

A big shout out to the Orator Academy! Vineeta Khanna’s Orator Academy is the best forum for kids to gain confidence in public speaking. The training is conducted in a positive and encouraging environment and Vineeta knows how to bring the best out in kids!

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